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City of Fort Wayne, Animal Care & Control has issued a hot weather alert for animal owners. Due to current high temperatures and the heat index, Animal Care & Control officials are reminding people to pay extra attention to provisions for their animals during this time. When possible, bring pets into an air-conditioned area of your home, fans are also helpful where air-conditioning is unavailable.

Animals must have a shady, sheltered place to rest and quantities of fresh water must be available at all times in containers that cannot be spilled. Contact a veterinarian to request preventatives for fly bites, fleas and ticks and to update rabies vaccinations. Pet owners are further cautioned that it is a violation of city ordinance to leave any animal unattended in a vehicle when the conditions, in that vehicle, would constitute a health hazard to the animal. (FW City Code 91-032)

Any animal that is found by the shelter to be left in conditions that pose an immediate health hazard to the animal will be taken directly to Animal Care & Control for its safety. Heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid pulse, a staggering gait and vomiting are signs that your pet may be suffering from heat stress. Contact a veterinarian immediately.

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