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The Waynedale News
2505 Lower Huntington Road
Fort Wayne IN, 46809


The Waynedale News is one of the few remaining locally owned newspapers in Indiana. The newspaper is a free publication distributed twice a month in and around the Waynedale area that provides information to the public about Waynedale events or interests. The success of the newspaper is a direct result of community support and local marketing. Throughout the eighty-five years of operations, The Waynedale News, once known as The Waynedaler, has been an entity that the community accepts and expects.


Here at The Waynedale News our mission is to sustain, unite and enhance the Waynedale community and surrounding areas. Advertising and donations not only go toward the support and future success of the newspaper, but also goes directly back into the community. With our current plans of organizing and promoting free community resources, as well as events, we hope to attract more people and business to Waynedale. Our initiative also brings the community together, effectively enhancing where “Waynedalers” work, live and play.

The newspaper is a hub for Waynedale information and knowledge, where any community member is encouraged to submit stories, articles and photos for publication.


We currently serve over 35,000 readers with the printed version of The Waynedale News! All newspapers are hand-delivered to the Greater Waynedale Community, to all homes and businesses by our newspaper carriers. Our distribution doesn’t stop at the Waynedale boundaries, The Waynedale Newspaper is also delivered to South & Southwest Fort Wayne, Ossian, Bluffton, Zanesville, & Markle in Indiana.

Direct-to-Doorstep Delivery
Like direct mail, but better! Each issue, every home and business in our delivery area receives our hand-delivered publication. But unlike direct mail, since your advertisement is wrapped with our news articles, it goes into the hands of the reader, instead of in the trashcan like direct mail advertisements.

High Readership, Low Waste
Our publication’s popularity and innovative distribution strategy guarantees all advertisements will be seen in more than 99% of the printed copies. Other free newspapers mislead advertisers by claiming to print thousands more copies than are actually read, which leads to a large amount of wasted newspapers and disappointed clients. We have a dedicated distribution staff that micromanages our delivery, so almost no newspaper goes unread. This commitment is to our advertisers and to the environment.

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The Waynedale News is printed and distributed on publication Fridays, every two weeks to our 35,000+ readers. Our delivery area covers ALL homes and businesses in South/ Southwest Fort Wayne, Indiana (with additional distribution checkpoints within the communities south of Fort Wayne including Ossian, Bluffton, Zanesville and Markle).

Our newspaper deadline occurs 7 days previous to that publication Friday. Please plan to reserve the ad space, prepare artwork, and content for your advertisement by 5pm on the deadline date.

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