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From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone for reading, donating and supporting us to keep the historic Waynedale Newspaper going! It means so much to us that you value the legacy of the newspaper as much as we do. On behalf of our community writers, editorial staff, advertising manager, designer, and newspaper delivery personnel, we’d like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks!

This year, we celebrate an unprecedented 91 years in print and service to the community. With your help, we are still here as an independent newspaper connecting the community through family friendly news. We are still here as an educational resource to help those who are in need and for those who just like to learn. We are still here as a positive reflection of our community, open to reader submissions and a local source of information for those who need to read something uplifting in this world of negative news. And thanks to you, we are still very involved in local initiatives to improve the community, as you have likely read about in previous editions and saw in features about our work in other local media. See our community projects, events & initiatives here:

We are proud of our community and so thankful to be a part of it! ♡
Readers may not immediately recognize the arduous task we commit ourselves to in addition to the monumental cost of fundraising it takes to produce a newspaper that lands in the hands of tens of thousands of readers. If you too believe in our mission and have the resources to give, we would be greatly appreciative for any support you are able to provide. Please keep us in your heart, mind, and prayers as we look hopefully into the future.

With sincere & everlasting gratitude,
Alex Cornwell, Editor & Publisher

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