Aboite New Trails is excited to announce that construction began on a new 1-mile multi-use trail and boardwalk along the east side of Homestead Road from Covington Road to Aboite Center Road. Construction of this trail has been privately funded by Aboite New Trails donors and will be accepted by the City of Fort Wayne upon completion for ownership, maintenance and liability.

The project is planned for completion by Fall, 2010.

Once completed, this trail will help to create nearly 20 miles of connected Aboite Trails, and 50 miles of regional connectivity from Southwest Allen County to Central Fort Wayne and New Haven. This trail is one of 10 new Fort Wayne Trails miles in 2010.


Covington Trail

grassroots campaign

Only $225,000 is needed to extend the 3.5 mile Covington Trail towards Whitley County, connecting eight more neighborhoods, two schools, an apartment complex and a church to the Covington Trail currently under construction, and to the rest of the regional trail system. The Covington Trail is a major trail artery in the regional trail system and by 2011 will provide for a 50-mile continuous trail corridor across Fort Wayne via the Aboite Trails, Towpath Trail, and Rivergreenway network.

Aboite New Trails and its partners successfully have raised most of the $1.2 million needed to build the 0.65 mile section of trail and extend the Covington Trail from its western end point at the Beal-Taylor Bridge, to the existing but isolated West Hamilton Trail, which lies adjacent to large population pockets; however, it remains disconnected from the rest of the regional trail system.

In an effort to raise the $225,000 still needed to begin construction in 2011, Aboite New Trails has launched a grassroots fundraising campaign, emphasizing the myriad benefits of connecting to the Covington Trail and the rest of the developing regional trail system.

“In the past, when we have approached neighborhoods needing connectivity to existing trails we have been met with enthusiasm and generosity,” said Lori Keys, executive director of Aboite New Trails. “These trails are for everyone. And when you give people an opportunity to participate and engage in the ownership, they embrace it. Oftentimes, by just approaching area citizens we learn how badly they want and need these connections – for safety and quality of life improvement.”

If funds are raised in 2010, the extension can be built in 2011. For more information, to donate or to stay up to date on trail projects, visit www.aboitenewtrails.org.

Created in December 2001, Aboite New Trails, Inc. is a dynamic, not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to improve the quality of life for area citizens through the development of multi-use trails.  There are currently 14.5 miles of Aboite Trails. Soon, the Aboite Trails will connect to downtown’s Rivergreenway via the historic Towpath Trail and create a continuous 50-mile trail corridor.  For more information or to donate, visit www.aboitenewtrails.org.

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