Every Scouting unit is encouraged to bring its membership to full strength for a summer full of fun! With the 100th Anniversary of Scouting being celebrated all throughout 2010, there’s no good reason to wait until fall to do some significant recruiting of members.

Two Scout campouts with the Fort Wayne TinCaps are planned for May 22nd and June 26th

Cub Scout Day Camps in June

Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Webelos Adventure camps take place in June and July

The summer culminates in with a live broadcast of the national Jamboree Arena Show “A Shining Light Across America.” (We’ll all be together at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum to share this exciting experience.)

In August, “Adventure Base 100”, the BSA’s Traveling Anniversary Celebration, sets up shop at the Indiana State Fair.

Later this year, we’ll all be together again for the 100th Anniversary Fall Camporee at IPFW.

We have the best youth program in the world; time tested and proven effective for 100 years. Let’s encourage all young people as well as eligible adults (leaders) to join this great program.

Attend your monthly District Roundtable meeting to get details on a spring recruiting program that will work for your unit. And give hundreds of our youth the opportunity to join in the fun and excitement of being a member of the Boy Scouts of America.



Now that the rechartering process is complete for most Scouting units, it is important to ensure that members of your chartered organization are full aware of the impact your unit (Troop/Pack) is having upon the community. One excellent way to do this is through a formal “Charter Presentation”. Your Unit Commissioner can help you plan a brief presentation ceremony to be conducted at a regular meeting of your charter organization (Church service, PTO Board meeting, Service Club luncheon, etc.)

A charter presentation will remind members of your charter organization that your pack, troop, or crew represents them and can always use a hand either financially or in terms of manpower. It can help maintain a healthy relationship between your unit and its charter organization. Basically, keep the people who sponsor your group informed.

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