(A column, whereas, you the reader may ask Ben questions about camping, cooking, hunting, fishing, or anything concerning living in our Great Outdoors.)



When we get company at the house and they notice our little 10-foot, walk-in camping trailer parked in the back, they ask or comment actually, “We’d like to go camping but we don’t have all the fancy stuff that you have and it would cost too much to get started now. You’ve probably been doing stuff like that forever; right?”

Ok, I’m a promoter for camping in that I work with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts and I tell them, like I’ve been told, that ‘outing’ is 3/4th of ‘Scouting’. A Scout troop or pack that doesn’t include a lot of camping/outing (at least one campout or outing a month) isn’t really giving the Scouts all they deserve for belonging to the organization. I tell them to get out there in the woods and enjoy Mother Nature. Leave the electronics (tape players, cell phones, electronic games, I-PODS, and all the other new fangled instruments) at home. Take along a fishing rod and binoculars instead.

If you want to start camping and don’t have any ‘equipment’ then look around your house and you will find that you have just about everything you will need. You have blankets so bedding is no problem. You have a BBQ grill so the cooking problem is solved. You can use plastic forks, knives, and spoons along with paper plates and bowls so dishwashing is eliminated.

Now for the actual camping trip – start in your front room or recreation room and camp out there. Next time, move out to the backyard and sleep out under the stars. When you think you’re ready to tackle a ‘real’ camping trip, throw the BBQ grill and some blankets in the car and go to a state park. If you don’t want to sleep out under the stars there, then locate a Boy Scout Troop and offer to ‘rent’ a tent from them for a small donation and let them show you how to set it up. Better yet, join the troop as a registered leader and go camping with them.


We suggest that everyone get a copy of Indiana’s hunting and fishing regulations from most any place that sells hunting/fishing license for more detailed rules and regulations. Please e-mail all questions reguarding Waynedale outdoors to: News@waynedalenews.com.