(Great for snacking.)


5 lbs. venison round steak, tenderloin, back strap, etc.

10 oz. bottle of soy sauce                            5 oz. bottle liquid smoke

1 heaping tablespoon garlic powder         Hot sauce to taste (optional)

Slice meat into pieces about 1/2 inch thick. Cut pieces into strips about 2 inches long, and about 1 inch wide. Put meat pieces into a large Ziploc bag. Mix the rest of the ingredients together and pour over the meat pieces. Force all the air from the bag and zip it shut. Lay the bag on a cookie sheet and turn it over every fifteen minutes for the next hour or two or keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

Drain the meat and place the pieces flat on drying trays in your dehydrator or dry on cookie sheets in your regular oven at about 120 to 130 degrees or at its lowest setting until jerky is just brittle. I keep mine in a brown paper sack with a clothespin to keep it shut or I may put it in clean Ziploc bags and put it in the freezer until I’m ready for it.

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