(Sorry, I don’t do ‘possum.)


Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika to taste

Canola oil for frying

Skin, gut, and cut carcass into 6 pieces – (4 hams and two back pieces). Soak meat in salt water overnight or at least for a few hours in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to remove the kernels (fat tissue) found in the armpit area. I usually save the back body parts and freeze them until I have enough for a good cold weather stew or soup.

Parboil the hams with a few slices of onion until the meat is tender but not quite falling off the bone. I would recommend changing the water two or three times.

Mix the flour and the seasonings together and put into a plastic bag. Shake the cooked hams in the mixture and fry in the Canola oil until the outside is brown and crisp. Drain the hams on paper towels and keep warm until all hams are done. Serve with hot biscuits and gravy made from the pan drippings.



(Not correct English but then it says what I want it to say.)

2 cups Bisquick

2/3 cup milk

Add milk to Bisquick and mix. Make drop biscuits by dropping dough by the spoonfuls onto a greased baking sheet or onto the bottom of a pre-heated Dutch oven and bake at 450 degrees for ten to fifteen minutes or until golden brown on top.

TIP: Roll the dough out into a log on a clean canoe paddle and cut biscuits off with a sharp knife or a piece of sting. Using the sting method, slide the string under the roll. Then hold one end with each hand, bring the ends together at the top of the roll of dough. Cross ends and pull the string tight to cut through the dough into biscuit shaped pieces. Bake as above. Biscuits made this way are easier to use as sandwiches than the ones made the drop biscuit way.

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