Little River Wetlands Project, a local nature organization, will hold its Second Annual Open House at Eagle Marsh on Saturday, June 23, from 11 to 3 p.m. At this free event, visitors will hear the latest about the group’s 676-acre Eagle Marsh restoration, tour the newly planted property, view live raptor demonstrations, receive a free nature gift, enjoy casual food (noon to 1:30 p.m.), and more! Eagle Marsh, located on Engle Road just east of W. Jefferson, is the largest preserve in Allen County and the third largest wetland restoration ever attempted in Indiana. Turn in at the Eagle Marsh sign and park by the barn. More information available at <> or by calling 260-478-2515.

At the Open House, handlers are expected to show a Bald Eagle, hawks and owls from the Dwight Chamberlain Raptor Center at Hardy Lake. Rehabilitated but unable to survive in the wild, the birds are used for educational purposes under federal permits. “The live raptors should be an exciting addition to the Open House,” says LRWP Vice President Betsy Huguenard. “Most people never get the chance to see them up close and personal like this.”

While parents are busy learning more about the Little River Wetlands Project, its three preserves, and its free nature education programs, children attending the Open House can have their faces painted as wetland animals. Acres Land Trust, Fox Island Alliance, Aboite New Trails, and the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society (INPAWS), will also be present. Truly an exciting day for the whole family!

The mission of the Little River Wetlands Project is to facilitate the restoration of wetlands in the Little River watershed southwest of Fort Wayne and provide educational opportunities that inspire and challenge individuals to be good stewards of all natural resources. Wetlands help control flooding, cleanse groundwater, sequester carbon to slow climate change, provide much needed wildlife habitat and offer recreational opportunities for all.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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