The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a warmer than usual winter throughout the majority of the U.S. with uncommonly chilly temperatures (mostly) limited to the western states and Maine.

“Wet” will be a wintertime constant with rains or average-to-below-average snowfall throughout most of the country.

Significant, above average snowfall is being predicted for Wisconsin and parts of Michigan and Alaska, as well as the High Plain and northeastern states. For further forecast highlights, visit Almanac.com/winter.

Now in its 229th consecutive year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is, of course, so much more than just the weather. The 2021 edition is particularly timely in helping people live better, stay healthy, and do more with less. Consider:

Small Space Gardening 101: As people from all walks of life embrace the practicalities of growing their own food, the Almanac shows readers how easy it is to grow practically anything, almost anywhere. Advice includes the abundance to be had with raised beds, how to succeed at succession, the power of growing up, and which containers are best for gardening (Hint: anything that holds dirt and has drain holes).

How to Pick a Pet: Who hasn’t had their mood instantly brightened by a puppy or kitten? Taking care of one is a completely different story. As more households add a furry, feathered, or finned friend to the family, the Almanac helps match the care needs of each kind of pet to the (busy) lifestyles of perspective owners.

From Sea to Rising Sea: Since 1880, sea levels have risen 6.5 inches, nearly half of that since 1950. This rise is unevenly distributed, but it’s happening almost everywhere and the problem is accelerating. Warming ocean temperatures, increasing population density, and other factors can be tied to the main cause: melting glacial ice. As record-breaking high temperatures continue to hit areas like Antarctica and Siberia, it’s clear that this problem isn’t going away. What if nothing is done? Coastal communities across the U.S. and Canada could be destroyed and not just in the obvious places: by 2100, 1 in 6 homes in Boston could be regularly flooded. The Almanac offers a strictly scientific look at this sobering situation.

Time-Tested Tips for Fighting Colds and Flu: The best advice for staying healthy has remained the same for generations—eat a healthy diet, don’t skimp on sleep, stay home when sick, and avoid contact with public surfaces. The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac digs deeper into the tried-and-true (including how and when to wash hands) and also offers folklore advice that’s a bit less common, but, according to some, no less effective!

Farming for Good: For anyone who has ever thought about trading in their modern life for rural simplicity, let this article be an inspiration! The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac shares the stories of farmers who work their dreams while making a difference, including the Vermont goat farm that runs completely on solar power, a cotton farmer who changed his whole operation after the birth of his son, and the teacher who turned 12 acres of hardscrabble land into a working North Carolina farm that is changing the community.

All this plus:
• Food, garden, financial, and lifestyle trends for 2021,
• love lessons from old Valentines,
• the fascinating world of migrating birds,
• the agony and ecstasy of competitive stone skipping,
• DIY weather forecasting,
• an unconventional method of chimney sweeping,
• award-winning appetizer recipes,
…and, many, many more articles and bits of advice presented as only The Old Farmer’s Almanac can: “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.” Good things do come in small packages!

The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac starts at just $7.99 wherever books and magazines are sold, including at brick-and-mortar locations of grocery and hardware stores. The Old Farmer’s Almanac encourages readers to buy from independent booksellers and retailers whenever possible. Find local retailers at Almanac.com/wheretobuy.

For at-home delivery, order The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac online at Almanac.com/Store, the web stores of local retailers, Amazon.com, or by calling 800-ALMANAC. Save a tree with the digital version of any of the Almanac’s titles from Almanac.com/Store, iTunes, or Amazon.

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