I’ve gone to Boy Scout summer camps, watched boys camp on weekend outings, and noticed them at other times trying to perform a simple task of peeling an orange. Now this isn’t a rocket science math problem; it’s just that, well, I’ve found a better way to ‘skin’ an orange without creating a juicy mess, getting the oily orange peel crumbs under my fingernails AND keeping the orange peel whole but in two pieces to be used for other things.

How do you peel an orange? Even if you don’t want to save the peel you can still use this method to save yourself a lot of trouble and it will also make the people around you think you’re a camp magician of sorts.

Equipment needed: 1 sharp knife, 1 orange, and a tablespoon. Cut the orange peel all the way around just deep enough to cut through the skin. Pretend the orange is the earth; cut the skin where the equator would normally be. Once this is done, take the spoon and force the front outside edge of the spoon bowl up under the cut edge of one half of the orange.

Work the spoon all the way around just inside the orange peel to loosen it. Do the other half the same way. Now with one hand on top of the orange and one hand on the bottom, give the orange peels a little twist. Eureka, you should have one whole peeled orange and two pieces of peel that are just right to use for cooking eggs on the grate over the hot coals or you could pour muffin batter into the empty shells and make orange flavored muffins. Once you have mastered this technique everyone will want you to ‘do their orange’ the same way.

Want to make bigger muffins or cook more eggs at one time? Do a grapefruit the same way.

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