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I will be leaving The Waynedale News right after this issue. I’m taking a sabbatical from newspaper writing to finish my second book of humor. Of course I won’t be moving; I’ll still be in the Waynedale area, attending meetings and outings with Boy Scout Troop 344 and helping with other scouting units in Waynedale but instead of writing newspaper outdoor articles, columns, and recipes I’ll be arranging thirty of my latest humor columns that were published in MidWest Outdoors magazine, into chapters for my new book. I haven’t decided on a title for my new book as yet but it will be a continuation of other humor columns like those in my first book How To Eat A Wild Green Pancake and other humorous tales. And “NO, it isn’t a cookbook and it isn’t a sequel to the first either; it’s just another collection of funny stories.

Anyone wanting to read my first book may do so free of charge by going to the Allen County Public Library (Waynedale Branch) and asking for it by title or by author’s name. It is also for sale electronically from Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble on line.

Have a good and happy summer and keep your own Kampfires safe and fun.

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