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Nicole Dalman and Haley Hoffman, 7th graders from St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School, Monroeville, were both named Honorable Mentions in the Indiana State Manningham Youth Poetry Contest 2011. The poems were part of a final project in 7th grade literature.

Nicole Dalman’s poem entitled “Freedom” was sent on to Walter Reed Hospital to an injured soldier, wounded in Afghanistan in Dec. 2010.

“Freedom” By Nicole Dalman
head held high,
ready to fight for our freedom.
They leave their families
while they hope and pray
to see them another day.
To us they are heroes.
We all take for granted
the freedom we have.
Because of these people
it is earned for us.
These are the people we call

“Blue” By Haley Hoffman
Blue is the color of the sky overhead, as the aqua colored water hits your toes.
The sweet smell of flowers drifts in the air.
The strong breeze whips through your hair and the water turns into waves.
The smell of rain covers the air around you, and the soothing feelings
of the air turns to sadness as the energetic butterflies flutter away.
The rain falls down like blueberries coming out of the sky, as a rainbow appears like crayons and markers in the sky.
As the ocean turns back to soothing and the sun pokes its head out to see the fishes on the sea.
The sun looks like fireworks on Independence Day.
The birds begin to chirp again and the sky turns to the color of kool-aid.
And the fresh breeze comes back to give the appearance that the storm never happened.

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