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Solar Event Provides Bright Future Insight

With local utility rates soaring through the roof, 31 Hoosier solar energy enthusiasts, homeowners, and community members met at the Fort Wayne Solar Congress on June 8. The free event was organized by nonprofit Solar United Neighbors (SUN).

“It’s been great to see a lot of interest in solar energy in the Fort Wayne area,” said Wayne Township Trustee Austin Knox. “More and more, people are recognizing the benefits of generating their own local, clean, reliable power through solar. This Solar Congress was a great chance for residents to dig deeper into how solar works, how they can access solar, and how they can help spread solar across Indiana. I think everyone who attended was able to take away useful knowledge about how solar relates to them.”

The free event focused on the current state and potential of solar energy in Northern Indiana. Presentations and discussions provided valuable information about:

  • How clean energy can lower energy costs for homeowners, small businesses and community solar participants;
  • Incentives available for local solar installations;
  • The additional benefits of community solar for those who can’t install their own panels;
  • Current policy barriers and how to overcome them.

Attendees networked with fellow solar supporters, discovered local involvement opportunities and took actionable steps to promote solar adoption in the region.

“Bringing people together is what Solar United Neighbors is all about,” said Brian Flory, Northern Indiana Organizer for SUN. “This Solar Congress saw participation from folks across the Fort Wayne area, who came together over a shared interest in affordable, local solar energy.”

Guest speakers included Kerry Korpela and Tanya Chiwara from the City of Fort Wayne Office of Sustainability, who presented information about the city’s plans for the Solar For All program in Fort Wayne. Additionally, Wayne Township Trustee Austin Knox presented on his efforts to have solar installed on the Wayne Township building in downtown Fort Wayne, and the cost savings the Township has seen because of it.

Solar United Neighbors is a nonprofit organization that works in Indiana and nationwide to represent the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters. SUN holds events and education programs to help people become informed solar consumers, maximize the value of their solar investment, and advocate for fair solar policies.

Solar United Neighbors will be hosting a webinar on June 27, 2024 @ 6:30 pm, visit to register.

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