A few years back, Boy Scout Troop #38, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church and Troop #349 from Aldersgate UMC made a trip to South Dakota to help restore a Native American graveyard. They enjoyed the strange land and the outdoor cooked meals they were served. During this time a very unlucky rattlesnake wondered into camp and it was promptly decapitated.

After looking the snake over and touching it to see if snakes really were slimy (which they aren’t) they asked one of the Indian leaders what they planned to do with it. Their question was answered as they watched it being skinned and prepared for supper. I understand it tasted like chicken.

Now the boys didn’t give me the directions for how the rattlesnake was cooked. I suspect they just rolled the meat in seasoned flour and fired it but then I’m not aware of the culinary ability of the cook that prepared it. Looking though my NRA cookbook, I found a recipe that looks like it would be a good one to use. Benice Anderson from Richmond, Missouri submitted this recipe.


(I’m going to try this when I come across a rattlesnake that will kill and skin itself)

6- 8 pieces of rattlesnake

1/2-cup lime juice

1/2-cup vegetable oil

1-cup flour

1 tsp. seasoning salt to taste

1 cup of chicken bouillon (1 cup water and one chicken bouillon cube)

1/2 cup chopped celery


Cut off rattlesnake head and skin it. Remove entrails and cut body into three-inch sections. Wash pieces in salt water and drain. Mix lime juice and oil and pour over snake pieces. Cover and let marinate in refrigerator overnight. Drain and pat dry. Roll in flour and seasoning salt. Brown the meat in a lightly oiled frying pan. Place celery in bottom of slow cooker and add meat. Pour bouillon over meat and cook on low 6 to 8 hours. Baste occasionally during cooking. Juice can be thickened slightly and used for gravy.

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