It looks like the Tiger isn’t out of the Woods …yet.


The Fun Party

Wouldn’t the “Tea Party” have a lot more fun, if they changed their name to the “Long Island Ice Tea Party?”

Why…even I’d join!



When I was in the seventh grade an old farmer who lived next door gave me this advice. I can still recall it, even though at the time I didn’t understand what he meant and I wondered why he was telling it to me.

He said, “Son, always remember Partnership is a poor ship to sail!”

How I wish I had listened to that old man, because it could have saved me a lot of rough sailing!


Nine months

When I was around sixty-five years old, I gave my wife my best sexy look and boastfully announced, “We’re going to have one more kid.”

Giving me her best you must be nuts look, she replied, “We are?”

“Yeah…nine months from tonight!”

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