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WHO’S HE – Schindler Sez

A lot of people go on about things
they know nothing about.

Who’s He
Research by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, has shown that women prone to anxiety and easily stressed out, were twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s.
So ladies, calm down and be nice to your husbands, or the day may come when you won’t know him.
Or is that a good thing?

He’s Over There
Glen Beck was calling convenient stores to see how astute the employees were.
On one call, he asked the girl answering the phone where Benghazi was.
“I don’t know,” she replied, “you can probably find him at Walmart.”

Almost every morning some of my old friends get together at a local restaurant and tell fish stories. You know…stories that get bigger and bigger every day.

The Arrangement
When General Norman Schwarzkopf, who was in charge of Desert Storm, was asked if he could forgive the people who helped the terrorists, his answer was classic Schwarzkopf. He said, “I believe forgiving them is God’s function…our job is to arrange the meeting.”

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