Happy America, 2009!  We have a New Year, a new president, and Waynedale has some great new green news!


Just Especially for You has just begun to carry a line of eco-friendly clothes, and accessories. Denise Harmeyer, the owner of the shop, has aligned herself with ‘going green’ by making sure her products are top of the line and good to the earth.

Citilink has a brand new green bus that winds its way through the Dupont area, but Betsy Kachmar, of Citilink wanted to make sure that all Waynedaliacs know that buses that drive through Waynedale do so on biodiesel fuel- helping our air keep clean.

WaterFurnace, Director of Marketing, Andy Fracica is proud of the green initiatives that are taking place in their headquarters on Conservation Way. Their C.O.W. program (Cut Out Waste) is paying big dividends and helping employees and shareholders alike move ahead of the environmental curve.

There is other green news that might not be as well known. Such as the fact that the Fort Wayne International Airport installed electric shuttles for its customers in 2007.

Or that Umber’s Do-It-Best serves as a disposal area for CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) and also the longer tube bulbs. Keeping those types of materials out of landfills should always be job one and Umber’s is helping to make that a priority.

Waynedale is surrounded by beautiful natural habitats such as the Eagle Marsh developed through the Little Rivers Wetland Project. And, let us never forget the Southwest Conservation Club and all this wonderful organization does to bring outdoor activities and natural conservation to the Waynedale Community.

Yes, there is a lot that is green in Waynedale, but there is always room for improvement.

For example, there is no regular drug disposal program in Waynedale. This could be remedied by coming together as a community, involving school, community organizations, law enforcement, and our neighbors and developing a community wide prescription drug disposal program.

Our rivers are also so important. The St. Mary’s River flows mightily through Waynedale, and Abigail Frost of the Save The Maumee Grassroots Organization states, “Our rivers here are very important because they flow into the largest fresh water source in the world. The Great Lakes Watershed and the Wabash Watershed flow away from each other because their tributaries flow in different directions beginning in Eagle Marsh area between Fort Wayne and Waynedale.

Ultimately water flows into the Mississippi & Gulf of Mexico west of Waynedale and tributaries from the east flow into the Great Lakes!

That’s the St. Mary’s!

Even so, we have big green stars in Waynedale  People like Ephriam Smiley who organizes the Garden Angel Project and oversees the 200 yard project on the Tillman Road. Mr. Smiley has told me that he has always made sure that every school he has worked in has had an indoor garden. A brilliant learning experience for kids!

We also have Mary Starks, owner of Curves on the Bluffton Road, who bring the women of Waynedale a great opportunity to keep in shape and stay in shape in a community atmosphere. Greener living is all about staying healthy and strong.

Something Old, Something New Consignment Shop on Lower Huntington Road. A consignment shop personifies good green living. Selling clothes that have been used gently, and tumbling that money back to charities and those who donate is a circular and profitable way to recycle clothes and improve economic times.

There are already those in Waynedale who know that green will soon be the new gold. Let’s get busy!

If you want to get involved in your community, learn more about greener living, or how to place sustainable practices into your business, please visit Waynedale Green Alliance at www.greenabcs.com/ or write to A Brewster Smythe at aprilsmythe@gmail.com.

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