Mary Stark meets the boss
Mary Stark meets the boss
Local Curves owner Mary Stark was in Waco, Texas a few months back for additional training for managing the Curves franchise here in Waynedale. While at the weeklong training seminar, Mary got the chance to meet and talk to Gary Heavin, the man that started the phenomenon that is called Curves.

Heavin is a Texas businessman who earlier in his life had a 17-location fitness center chain before filing for bankruptcy. He went through a divorce, lost custody of his two children, and was tossed in jail for not being able to pay child support. Gary said, “I felt like a rag that had been wrung and wrung until there was not a drop of money left in me.”

Heavin, a Christian from his teen years, re-committed his life to Christ while in jail, after which he and his new wife, Diane, opened their first Curves in Harlingen, Texas in 1992.

When talking about his trials and tribulations, while behind bars, Heavins said to his audience of Curves franchise owners, “This is a Christian organization and if there are any of you who are uncomfortable with me saying that, then you are probably in the wrong organization.”

Curves is now the largest fitness franchise in the world with 10,000 locations worldwide and 4 million members. Curves Clubs can be found in over 42 countries and they are still growing. They are the first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women.

Mary said, “It is unbelievable what is being done in women’s wellness organizations. We offer a proven 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. We also offer a common sense weight management program that ends the need for perpetual dieting.”

Curves reached 1,000 locations in 5 years and over 9,000 locations at the 10-year anniversary. Today, founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon. The Curves story continues to grow in new directions. Gary is the author of numerous books, including The New York Times bestseller Curves, which is revolutionizing America’s approach to exercising. Diane launched the award-winning diane, The Curves Magazine, which is currently available only in Curves franchises and has a circulation of 1.4 million.

In November 2005, Diane introduced the new Curves high-fashion retail line, Curvaceous, The Curves Collection.

Mary said, “The most exciting thing about being a franchise owner is being able to help women achieve their goals and helping the community help others. We recently donated food to the Community Harvest Food Bank and in October we will be sponsoring the American Cancer Society in their goal to eliminate breast cancer.”

Curves has made exercise available to women around the world, many of whom are in the gym for the first time.

Gary Heavin said, “The fact that this phenomenal growth has been realized almost entirely through the positive word-of-mouth from Curves members is a true tribute to the value the program provides.”

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