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Loveable Puppy Finds New Family in Children’s Book


A charming, energetic puppy finds a loving home in Patricia S. Knaebe’s fun new children’s book, Moose on the Loose: Vol. 1, Moose Finds a Home.

Moose is a Chesapeake Bay/Golden Retriever mix. Friendly, social and outgoing, Moose makes friends whereever he goes. He spends much of his early life in a puppy shelter, waiting for a family that will love him. When he finally meets his new mom and dad, his big adventure begins. He journeys to his new home, gets his name and immediately begins making friends.

This loveable puppy will win readers hearts just as he wins the hearts of every person he meets. “When Moose heads outside, he barrels out the front door and bounds down the steps,” Knaebe writes. “He enthusiastically runs to greet all the neighbors who are out in their yards. They begin to shout, ‘Moose on the loose! Moose on the loose!’ This neighborhood mantra seemed a fitting title for a book about a dog who doesn’t know a stranger.

The story also encourages learning and facilitates growth for children of all ages in literary skills. “The book is designed to be read one chapter per night at bedtime,” Knaebe says. “Since there are seven chapters in the book, a parent, sibling or caretaker has a week’s worth of reading at his or her fingertips. Also, each chapter is a story in itself. A favorite chapter can be read over and over again.”

Beautiful, full-color illustrations by Shane Luttrell complement the simple narrative to capture the imaginations of even the most restless readers.

Children can also look forward to meeting the real Moose, as he may be coming to their town for “pawtograph” book signings.

Knaebe holds an M.B.A. and teaches at the college level. Growing up in Michigan, Knaebe was raised in a family that valued education and reading. As a result, she has been a strong supporter of education and literacy for most of her life. She lives in Northeast Indiana with her husband, Bill, and Moose. Since the inception of this book, they have welcomed two new furry family members: Sweetie and Fred.

Moose on the Loose is her first book, but she is working on additional books about the rest of her four-legged family members.

The Waynedale News Staff

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