The Roanoke Baptist Blazers High School varsity basketball team ended the month of January on fire, having won three in a row and 9 of eleven. The wheels came off over the next ten days, however, as the Blazers lost to 3 of their next 4 opponents. Even more discouraging than the losses themselves was the overall team performance. Roanoke’s play was best described as a lazy defense, sloppy offense and an overall lack of effort.

The Blazers entered this week like a prizefighter down for the count, but they came up fighting like a champion. On Monday Roanoke destroyed the Kokomo Crusaders 60-23 while dominating every phase of the game. Tuesday night saw the Blazers matched against a bigger Plymouth Lions team playing their last home game of the season. After a slow start in the first quarter of play, Roanoke began to take over the game through control of both the offensive and defensive glass. Leading by 9 at the end of the third quarter, the Blazers delivered the knockout blow by scoring 19 in the final quarter, including 9 points from senior Michael DeRemer. Coach Aaron Brown attributes the Roanoke resurgence to “much improved ball movement, better shot selection, and a sharp decrease in turnovers,” which has brought their record to 13-8.

The Blazers will face the Huntington Eagles next Tuesday, a team that handed Roanoke their worst defeat of the season, 52-34, when the teams met earlier this year. This game will be an excellent measuring stick of the Blazers’ improvement thus far.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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