We’re all aware of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina earlier this month. Since that disaster struck there has been a tremendous outpouring of support from the citizens of Fort Wayne and northern Indiana. We live near major rivers and are well aware of how much misery flooding can cause—adding to that 100+ mph winds is obviously a recipe for lots of suffering down south. Congratulations to local churches, local government, public service organizations, and all of the individual citizens who have reached out to assist our southern neighbors!

I’m writing this on an important day—September 11th. We all remember the events of that day in 2001. Since then we’ve done much to protect our country but we need to do more—that was obvious in the sluggish response to the disaster in Louisiana a few days ago. There’s no question that we have top notch police, fire, health department, and EMS support in our community and our Homeland Security Director Bernie Beier is working hard to make sure that there is coordination between these departments. Beier is planning further disaster exercises or “trial runs” of our disaster response team. We must be ready for not only “man-made” disasters but also for tornadoes, floods, plane crashes, or other natural occurring events.

I’ve received a few requests that the hours of the Waynedale Library be extended. We have a top-notch new library system and access is obviously very important. I’ll talk with Jeff Krull who heads the library system and see if hours can be lengthened or adjusted.

Thanks to Ms. Korte of Indiana Michigan Power for her recent assistance in cleaning up some trash and debris in an easement in the Winterset area. The Winterset resident and I both appreciated her personal attention to the problem which wasn’t solved until she and her staff got involved.

Call me with any suggestions as to how we can make Fort Wayne an even better city in which to raise a family, go to school, work, play, and retire!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff
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Tom Hayhurst

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