Dear Waynedale News Readers,


One of the best parts of doing this column is being able to share my thoughts and efforts with citizens who want to know more about things that are happening in our city. Whether it is news about flood control, parks, traffic signals or economic development that creates new jobs, this has proven to be a great method to let you know more than is possible in a 30 second snippet in a newscast. In turn, your input is important to me as we tackle the challenges of making a better Fort Wayne for all of us.

Building on that response, I have created “The Richard Report”, an electronic newsletter that will give citizens more information directly from our news releases and public appearances. Typically, my office is involved in dozens of stories or events each week, but less than half of them will merit much attention from the media. “The Richard Report” will share this information in an informative and timely manner via email to thousands of subscribers in our community. Each issue will focus on our progress in three critical areas – gaining and retaining quality jobs, building excellent services, and making Fort Wayne the safest city of our size.

In the May issue we highlighted our review of non-public safety take home vehicles that will save the City of Fort Wayne $200,000. Public safety will always be a priority; but by reviewing the usage in non-public safety areas, we can realize a significant savings that can help us with tightening budgets. This savings resulted from reducing the number of vehicles from 50 to 6 effective April, 2004, and sending 23 vehicles to auction.

The newsletter also discussed our investment of $35 million in infrastructure projects in our community, which will attract new jobs and businesses while preparing us for future growth and development. A listing of projects included is available online, or from your neighborhood specialist, Ken Nicolet, 427-1122.

I will continue to share our efforts twice a month directly to the readers of this column for Waynedale News, but I also want to encourage you to use the City’s website,, for additional information about programs and projects devoted to helping the residents of Fort Wayne.



Mayor, City of Fort Wayne

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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