During the last few years I have become a strong supporter of the ongoing expansion of our great Greenway (formerly known as River Greenway) system. The goal of the many supporters of this steadily growing facet of our Fort Wayne Park System is to make it possible for any citizen who wishes to do so to walk, jog, or ride a bike for leisure or to destinations in the area which can now only be reached by automobile or mass transit. This concept has really caught on in Indy where residents are buying homes along the greenway system (known as the Monon Trail) to give them ready access to the trail system. As a result, home values are climbing more near the trail than elsewhere. I was disappointed to be the only city councilman to vote for the new greenway coordinator position proposed by Mayor Graham Richard. The time has come for full council support of a city employee to coordinate all of the current volunteer efforts and take our fine trail system to the next level!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the re-entry court that Judge John Surbeck holds at the Fort Wayne Police Department every Friday morning. The basis concept of the re-entry process is that certain offenders (not including those with the most violent histories) are allowed early release by the Indiana State Department of Corrections as long as they submit to careful monitoring including wearing electronic ankle bracelets. These individuals are reintegrated into society with job training, substance abuse treatment, and support from social service organizations. Sheila Hudson and her staff manage the program for Allen County Corrections. The re-entry court is constantly undergoing “fine tuning”. I applaud these individuals and their staff for their innovative efforts!

During the last few months Councilman Tim Pape and I have met with representatives of the Foster Park Little League. It is their plan to upgrade the Little League baseball fields at Foster Park. Tim and I are working with the Little League leaders and Park Department representatives with the goal of making a new and expanded Little League field and clubhouse a reality!

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our 3 sister cities—Plock, Poland. Sister Cities International has a local branch that coordinates the many citizen visits between Fort Wayne and Plock as well as Gera, Germany and Takaoka, Japan. The citizens of Plock are always very friendly with Fort Wayne’s students and adults who visit. Later this summer several Polish citizens will visit our city. I believe that group will include the dance troup from our sister city. Please look for any opportunity to welcome these good friends of Fort Wayne to our city!

Give me a call with any questions or suggestions.

Have a great spring!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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