Dear Readers,


I thought I had been lax in my Christmas duties with my grandchildren. I had not taken them to the zoo, and had not taken them to any plays or Christmas movies, but I couldn’t neglect the Christmas Cookie Making. I got all the ingredients in, and pictured a pleasant afternoon leisurely making cookies and decorating them with my granddaughters, Ali and Lulu.

My first mistake was taking a recipe off the Internet that I had not tried before. It consisted of three balls of shortbread stiff batter, stacked up to make snowmen. You were supposed to be able to roll these balls and stack them, bake them, and come out with snowmen, which you then decorated with chocolate chip eyes and nose, and cut a licorice slice for a mouth.

Well, I mixed up the dough the night before, and refrigerated as instructed. When the girls came over with a friend, Ashley, we were all ready to make the Santas. I popped them into the oven, thinking they would be so cute. I waited the allotted time, and when they came out of the oven, they had all fallen over and they were Santa globs. ‑Not to be easily discouraged, I told the girls that we could decorate them flat. Which we did. As soon as they put the chocolate chips on, they melted, making for smeared faces. The red licorice did little to improve the looks of the faces. When they were done, I tried to pick them up to put them on waxed paper, and in so doing the things fell apart. By then, they all wanted to eat Ramen Noodles. Whilst they ate their soup, I stirred up a batch of chocolate chip cookie batter. This is tried and true. When the girls finished the Ramen Noodles they wanted to eat some of the chocolate chip batter first, before we made the cookies. When they were finished eating the batter, which they exclaimed were better than cookies any day, I had enough dough for about 10 cookies! ‑So went the cookie making experience and Grandma’s house. I hope all the rest of you had better luck!


Ho Ho Ho!

Mae Julian

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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