Two members from the Wayne High School Class of 2006 have been selected as part of the Youth Leadership Fort Wayne program for the 2003-2004 school year. Cierra Kindy and Antonio Hollis (not available for photo) will be attending five day-long sessions. A Saturday orientation and an overnight retreat are part of the schedule of events.

YLFW is a community leadership development program for high school sophomores who have demonstrated leadership potential. The goals of the program are to: 1) cultivate youth to be tomorrow’s leaders, 2) prepare students for responsible leadership, and 3) encourage them to make a life-long commitment to community service.

YLFW is an opportunity for students to become familiar with issues, resources and leaders in the community. The social awareness, leadership skills and personal relationships developed during this program will enable the students to achieve their leadership goals. The curriculum and activities include: servant leadership, communication skills, team building, visioning, decision-making, philanthropy, community trusteeship, diversity awareness, organizational skills, group dynamics, community service, and problem solving.

Wayne High School is very proud to have Antonio and Cierra as their delegates to the Youth Leadership Fort Wayne. Cierra also works as a paper carrier for The Waynedale News.

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