My brother, Feather in the Wind – James Edward Ebbing – and I went canoeing on the rivers of Indiana, enjoying the Indiana spring weather and being with each other. We always have a good time with one another and laugh a lot, teasing each other. On this particular canoe trip, we would canoe for a while and then look around the river banks and fields for arrowheads, flint, and Indian artifacts that sometimes show up on the surface of Mother Earth due to soil erosion, farming, etc. My big brother had found some good points over the years and was hoping and praying that I would be able to find one. We paddled the canoe over to the bank, got out, tied the canoe to a big old oak tree and began looking around. It was not long before I found my very first arrowhead – a nicely shaped spear point. Wow! I was so excited and joy-filled! Feather in the Wind was happy for me. He told me we must do the ritual, and asked me to hand him the arrowhead. As it passed from my hand to his, he rubbed it on his chest and across his heart, and then he put it in his mouth and cleaned it with his saliva. Then holding it in the palm of his hand, he told me, “This is a relic of those that were here centuries ago, and when I rubbed it across my chest and my heart, I could feel the spirits of those who came before us. And when I put it in my mouth, I was able to ingest their teachings, wisdom, peace and harmony.” As I received it back from Feather in the Wind’s open palm, I also received the blessings of my brother’s wisdom, love and light, and we were both touched by the Holy Spirit.


God bless you, brother Jim – God bless us all.

Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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