“Changing Direction”


Growing up on the farm as kids, the only thing we knew was making a living by farming. It was not a hard life, but it was a lot of work. Dad was the boss and I think he thought the boys would follow him in that business.

When I was in high school things took a change. WWII started which changed the direction in what I was going to do. The military started drafting young men into service. In order to get into the branch of service I wanted, I joined the U.S. Navy. They gave me a ‘new direction’.

This situation reminds me of other men being called into another service. I thought about the disciples and the way they were called. When Jesus said, “Follow Me.” They left the fishing business and became disciples of Christ, becoming ‘fishers of men’. Jesus called the working man to His service to win victory over sin. The U.S. called the working man and women and won victory in WWII.

Jesus continues to call us today. What a different world this would be today if we followed Him when He called! Think about it – a change of direction can cause CHANGE.


Pastor Ken

The Waynedale News Staff
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