Don’t Want to Get Sick? Wash Your Hands!

It’s estimated that one out of three people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom! If you don’t properly clean your hands, you pick up germs and contaminate yourself and others.

Also keep in mind that you can catch something more severe than the common cold. You may be spreading or catching something as serious as hepatitis A, meningitis, or infectious diarrhea.

The single most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious disease is hand washing. It is especially important to wash up during the following circumstances.

•Before, during, and after food preparation

•Before and after eating

•After using the bathroom

•After handling animals or animal waste

•When someone at your work or home is sick

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As a general recommendation, it’s most effective to wash your hands completely with warm water and soap for a minimum of 30 seconds.


Kitchen vs. Bathroom

Hotzones are defined as areas highly contaminated with germs. Surprisingly, researchers have found that your kitchen is a bigger “hotzone” than your bathroom. In fact, studies have found that some kitchen sinks actually have more bacteria than a toilet.

But that’s not all. Sponges and dishrags contain the most germs in your home. Among the many germs that can be found in a sponge are salmonella and E.coli, which can cause serious illness or even death.

The solution? Buy sponges that are labeled as germ resistant. They have been found to decrease the amount of bacteria in your kitchen by 99.9%—even after hundreds of uses. Anti-bacterial soaps and disinfectants can also help make your home germ-free.

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