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It is easier to copy work than come up with your own, especially when you are a student doing a research paper that is due in one day. “Geez! I can’t write a paper in one day!” Well, if Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in one night, then surely a student can write a paper about something.

Although it isn’t against a state or federal law to plagiarize, (unless it is copyrighted) it is against every schools’ code of ethics. A student found to plagiarize will either fail the class or be dismissed from school altogether.

And it’s not just research papers, it’s also computer applications, and program code that is taken and copied and reworked to make it their own.

Teachers have the hardest time trying to spot a plagiarized piece of work. And teachers don’t have enough time to do research on a paper that was handed to them to see if it was plagiarized. Fortunately the experienced teachers can easily see what the students’ writing capabilities are and see if there is plagiarism.

If you are a teacher and you are reading this, you need to check out, canexus.com. They make a product called Eve2, which will scan the Internet for plagiarism.

But it’s not just students now. Many professionals are using the Internet to steal articles, news items, and pictures from the Internet, and publishing them as their own work. This is even worse, and I see in other people’s websites.

Originality is what our readers deserve, not some re-published story that means nothing to the people of Waynedale. Indeed not every story in this paper is for everyone in Waynedale. And we do have some articles that are from people that don’t even know where Waynedale is. But at least our goal and our mission is to have more original stories, art, and photos from Waynedale for the people of Waynedale. I’m not the editor or associate editor of this paper, but most everyone at this paper does their part to direct and market this beloved newspaper to the people of Waynedale. Indeed we are in the information age, but we have to respect the hard work and dedication that people put into their work. Aknowledge people’s acheivements, and ideas, don’t steal them.

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