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Book Launch: The Gifts Of Grief

You are invited to celebrate with local author Leslie Weirich as she launches her book “The Gifts of Grief” on Feb. 16 at the Peggy F. Murphy Community Grief Center, 5920 Homestead Road in Fort Wayne. The launch opens at 3:30 p.m. with a reading followed by a question-and-answer session with Weirich.

“The Gifts of Grief” is a poignant and deeply personal account that navigates the harrowing experience of loss and the profound impact of grief. Weirich recounts how she coped with four decades of loss, including the deaths of her parents, three siblings and three children, taking readers on a gripping emotional journey marked by pain, hope and resilience.

“I’ve been asked to write this book for the past several years, but I just kept putting it off. I knew that going back through four decades of losing people I love was going to be a lot to unpack,” Weirich said. “But I also realized there was a lot of wisdom born out of those four decades of loss. As I wrote in my preface, ‘Grief can be our hardest teacher, but it often teaches us lessons that we can’t learn anywhere else. Those lessons help us appreciate our lives in way that we never have before.’ So, I wrote this book of my personal journey through grief as a guide to show anyone who is struggling that even though their life will never be the same, with time it can be good again. I wrote this book to let people know there is life after loss.”

Weirich’s connection to Stillwater Hospice dates back to 1979, when her oldest brother received hospice care after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“I began grieving at the age of 16,” Weirich said. “I can barely remember a season of my life when I wasn’t grieving, and Stillwater has been holding my hand throughout my grief journey. Over those four decades, my family has received in home hospice care, inpatient care at Hospice Home, palliative care and grief support, which is why it was so important to support The Peggy F. Murphy Grief Center when it was built.”

Through her experiences, Weirich discovered the transformative power of grief. She learned to navigate the complexities of loss and uncover the resilience that emerges from pain. In her intimate memoir, Weirich illuminates the nonlinear nature of the grieving process, emphasizing the intricate ways in which memories resurface and emotions fluctuate. “The Gifts of Grief” is a moving exploration of finding meaning and solace in the face of heartfelt tragedy and loss, offering hope and comfort to those on a similar journey.

“The Gifts of Grief is my personal story of post-traumatic growth,” Weirich said. “I actually don’t know anyone (and I wish I did) who has lost both parents, three siblings and three children, but I do know many people who have endured great tragedy and loss. My book is a guide to show people that grief can be used as fuel for your new life after loss. This is why I use the quote, ‘Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of your life.’ My book is my personal story of the remaking of my life. I believe anyone who reads the book will see there is always hope to remake your life after you lose someone you love.”

“At Stillwater Hospice we are thrilled to be the location that Leslie is holding her first book reading and launch,” said Leslie Friedel, Stillwater Hospice CEO. “Leslie has been an avid supporter and ambassador for our programs and services. We are so thankful for all she has done to highlight the compassionate work of our staff. We are hopeful that this event will allow for additional community members to learn more about how Stillwater can be a part of their journey and to give hope to those who have experienced a loss.”

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