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122nd Fighter Wing Boosts Economy With $113M Impact

The 122nd Fighter Wing brings an estimated $113 million in economic impact to the state of Indiana according to a new report by the Purdue Fort Wayne Community Research Institute. The 122nd Fighter Wing, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was measured on the metrics of economic impact in Allen County, Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, and the State of Indiana as a whole. 

“The 122nd Fighter Wing is extremely proud of our positive economic impact on the local and statewide communities we love and share,” said Col. Joshua C. Waggoner, 122nd Fighter Wing Commander. “We now stand poised to promote enduring positive impact thanks to our conversion to the F-16 fighter aircraft, which will continue to grace the skies above Indiana for years to come.” 

The Blacksnakes have a time-honored tradition of “Fighters in the Fort”, first operating the F-16 fighters out of Fort Wayne from 1991 to 2010. Now slated to receive a new and improved generation of F-16s, the Indiana Air National Guard base will have the enhanced capabilities needed to dominate on the modern battlefield. 

According to the report, the local spending in Allen County is an estimated $63.5 million, while making an impact of $94.1 million across Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, and $113 million statewide respectively.

“With over 1,000 Citizen-Airmen members living and working here in the Hoosier heartland, the 122nd isn’t just part of the community, we are the community,” said Waggoner. “We are extremely excited to not only continue having a positive impact on Indiana’s economy, but also to continue providing decisive fire power to combatant commanders around the globe.”

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