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Kids Explore New Life Skills

Recently, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne Jim Kelley Career Pathway Center and the Allen County Juvenile Probation (ACJP) division celebrated a first ever partnership program in a ceremony held at the center on Fairfield Avenue.

High school kids involved with the probation division explored various trades and learned new life and career skills.

Participants explored the use of VR headsets, completed a wood working project, worked on an alternator, used Tinkercad to create fidget spinners and print them on a 3d printer. They also challenged each other in a welding competition.

“We are excited to help kids on their journey to better futures career possibilities while learning valuable lifelong skills,” said Nicholas W. Gray, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne Jim Kelley Career Pathway Center. “We are thrilled to partner with Allen County Juvenile Probation Division,” he continued.

Allen County Superior Court Judge Andrea Trevino said, “You all see me usually not at your best, right? Usually, you’re in court, been through something. You think you’re in front of me to get in trouble, right?” She added, “Our goal is always to leave you better than when you first came to us. We want you to build a bright future.”

The partners expect the program to continue and expand. Each participant received a certificate of completion. Probation officers recommended participants for the program.

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