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Paul Harris Community Service Award Recipients

The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne honored its 2023 Paul Harris Community Service Award recipients recently during its weekly meeting at Parkview Field. Honorees also received $1000 to be donated to the non-profit of their choosing. Recipients of this year’s award include:

  • Iric Headley – A recent addition to Surack Enterprises, Iric Headley previously held the role of Executive Director of Fort Wayne UNITED, an initiative he helped establish to promote equity and diversity across the community in partnership with the city of Fort Wayne and over 200 organizations throughout the community.
  • Patti Hays – Patti Hays has a long resume of service personally and professionally within the Fort Wayne community, promoting the health of all citizens. Her efforts include guiding Stillwater as a Board Member in their work to provide compassionate home-based services for the sick and terminally ill; co-founding AVOW (Advancing Voices of Women); actively serving as an Executive Committee member of the Allen County Board of Health; advocating for people with different abilities as the Chief Executive Officer for AWS Foundation; among others.
  • Alex Hall – Alex Hall has become a nationally known painter, muralist, and illustrator, in addition to being a change agent. She has been instrumental in changing the visual landscape of Fort Wayne and putting us on the map as a creative arts center.
  • Mark Hagerman – Mark Hagerman is the current Chairman Emeritus of The Hagerman Group. Beyond his successful career in general contracting, construction management, and economic development, his impact as a community leader has been noted through his philanthropic gifts, work, and leadership in community and civic endeavors.

The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne awards Paul Harris Community Service Awards to non-Rotarians in Allen County Indiana. Paul Harris was one of those first four founders of the original Rotary in 1905 and founded the Rotary Foundation, “one of the highest-rated foundations in the world doing good work in a number of ways.” The award builds on Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self,” honoring community members who have made extraordinary contributions of their time, talents, and resources over an extended period of time through community service.

Recipients of the award must be non-Rotarians and be representative of community service excellence, leadership, creativeness, and initiative. Recognized service areas include Professional (physician, lawyer, etc.), Not-for-profit/Social Service, Business/Industry, Education (public/private and community/university), and Public Service/Government.

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