Mad Ants Help Enhance Reservoir Park Basketball Courts

Fort Financial Credit Union has partnered with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation to resurface and enhance two basketball courts at Ivan Lebamoff Reservoir Park, featuring a vibrant mural installed by local artist Andre Portee. The $30,000 project also includes new backboards, painted rims and new benches. It was funded by Fort Financial Credit Union with resurfacing and new striping by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation.

“We appreciate the collaboration with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and the Fort Wayne Mad Ants to make this project happen and are grateful to Andre Portee for his vision and work on the mural says Steve Collins, President, and CEO of Fort Financial Credit Union. “The design is a fitting tribute to the neighborhood and the memories made at Reservoir Park. The hill is an iconic piece of Fort Wayne’s landscape.” He continues, “As we approached our 75th anniversary, we wanted to mark the occasion by giving back to the community in a meaningful way. The court renovation symbolizes our steadfast commitment to serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding area then, now, and well into the future.”

The court enhancements were revealed during a press conference on, July 14. Both courts are open and available for the public.

“The mixture of art and sport elevates the park and the surrounding neighborhood and welcomes those who play on the court” says Steve McDaniel, director of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation. “We are grateful to Fort Financial Credit Union’s commitment to making this vision possible. We also appreciate the support from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants who were integral to this collaborative effort.”

By being involved in this transformation, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants’ Director of Business Operations, Allie Lane, “hopes to let local players know we are here for our community. Part of our mission states, ‘We want to put a winning team on the court and in the community.’ Being part of the Reservoir Park Court Mural project is another way we can continue to enrich the lives of those living in our city and to continue the growth of basketball in Northeast Indiana.” She adds, “The mural design is a great reflection of Reservoir Park and the city as we continue to climb “the hill” in becoming one of the nation’s top cities to live, work and play.”

Andre Portee originally created three mural designs which Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation presented to the neighborhood basketball committee and the kids in Cooper Youth Center. “The Hill” design received the most votes and approval by the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Fort Financial Credit Union and the Fort Wayne Parks Department.

“This is an exciting moment for this historic park in the heart of the city,” says Patricia Turner President of La Rez Neighborhood Association. “The court murals are a beautiful start and I look forward to the park’s redevelopment as one more step in the revitalization of downtown Fort Wayne.”

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants, owned and operated by Pacers Sports & Entertainment are proud to be your professional basketball team. We want to support our community by giving back through donations and appearances. To inquire or make a request, please visit:

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