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Happy New Year To All! – From The Publisher

As day breaks in a new year, we can’t help but reflect on the many people, businesses and community organizations that make our lives meaningful and great! Understandably, it’s often challenging to stay positive after 2 years of the global pandemic and all the daily struggles that it has caused. Being thankful for what we have and looking forward to brighter days is just about everything that anyone can do to defeat the chill of despair.

This year, The Waynedale News will be celebrating our 90th year in print! One thing that keeps all of us at the newspaper hopeful is the sprouting of the many new businesses that are quickly filling the vacant spaces with positive energy and helping us build a better community full of opportunities. Another dose of optimism comes with the rise of home prices, which tells each homeowner that they are getting a return on their investment of choosing this area of town and that it is great place to live and work! This, paired with the trails, sidewalks, and other accessibility infrastructure improvements, give us the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the area’s assets at a slower pace than buzzing by in a car.

Although last year seemed to be yet another frustrating experience for many, we hope that our only-positive-news breaks through the monotony and grim outlook that other news outlets portray to increase their ratings. We are here to not only be a resource for community members to get information they need to know, but also to show everyone that there are positive things going on right here in Fort Wayne. We work with so many incredible events, people, and organizations every day that we can’t help but be positive.

In order to continue to offer thousands of free newspapers to all who want it (in addition to fund all the other community work we do), we are dependent on advertising and donations. With the economy the way that it is, we are so very thankful for the tens of thousands of residents who read our newspaper, those who step up to support our advertisers, and who support us through sending in a donation (donation form here: waynedalenews.com/donate/ ). We recently gave our writers and donors an opportunity to help us wish the community a happy new year, so we’ve selected the best and most uplifting to share with you!

Best wishes to all the residents, association leaders, and businesses in Waynedale. You make our community a great place to live. ~ from Joan Davis

Greetings and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022! God bless America and all veterans! ~ from David Parrish Post 296

Proud to see new businesses in Waynedale & grateful for the past ones that kept it going! ~ from Linda Kuhn

Thank you for all of the kindness Waynedale News shared with our organization over the years. ~ from The Fort Wayne Pet Food Pantry

Wishing all of Waynedale a prosperous and happy new year! ~ from Jon Morlen of Home Automation Unlimited, Inc.

Wishing a safe, happy & prosperous new year to all! ~ from Julie Henricks

May God bless your family with peace and love this Christmas and throughout 2022. ~ from “Anonymous donor”

New year’s blessings to the Waynedale area and my husband, Denny Orr. ~ from Tina Orr

Happy New Year, Waynedale!! ~ from Gregory Rockstroh

Wishing you joy, happiness, and health through the new year! ~ from Sherie Warner

May the lord bless you and keep you; may his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you, and give you peace. ~ from The Smith’s

Wishing all Waynedale News readers a happy and prosperous 2022! ~ from Wayne Township Trustee, Austin Knox

To all readers of “Waynedale News,” and all who reside in the vicinity, I wish you good fortune and good health throughout the 2022 year. ~ from Marcelia

I appreciate the generosity and support from residents of our warm Waynedale Community as we endeavor to promote our businesses. We are so blessed to have The Waynedale News as the conduit to share our messages. ~ from Camille Garrison

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

The Owner & Publisher of The Waynedale News. Alex is a community leader and founder of various organizations, events & improvement initiatives in the area. He is also the recipient of 2019's Allen County Vandeveer Impact Award and 2012's University of Saint Francis' Distinguished Young Alumni Award. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer