With next week a designated SHOP Waynedale week (June 21-27), now’s the time to start considering what ways you can support our community businesses.

When you think about Waynedale and the many small businesses which it is comprised of, it is impressive!

How impressive is it that Hill’s Meat Market is still in business and at basically the same location. It was in 1940 that Zilpha Ann and Lee Martin Hill opened a butcher shop in Waynedale. As did many other third generation small businesses, who recently had to close their doors.

These local store owners have spent an incredible amount of time, long days and tiresome nights, committed to keeping their small businesses going.

Many of you may frequent the “big box” stores or order online without considering what we have right here in Waynedale. Think about it…why travel miles when we have everything right here. Groceries, pharmacies, gas stations, hair salons. Birthday cakes and cookies at local bakery, breakfast donuts to take into the office. Need a haircut? Most barber shops welcome walk-ins.

Small businesses are too often overlooked. Small business shop owners will bend over backwards to give you the TLC in service. It is more personalized, and if you become a “regular” they talk to you on a first name basis. Small businesses have the same access to the same vendors as the big stores. Plus the perks are better!

In addition, small shop owners are more flexible. For example, if you have an expired gift card or coupon, 9 times out of 10 a local business will honor that savings.

Local businesses also offer unique items for gifts that are generally handmade or hard to find. These make a much better present than a cookie-cutter product made in millions in “big box” stores.

Small businesses can thrive, but only with the support of a community like Waynedale.

The money you spend here in Waynedale, stays in our community. It provides more local jobs to your neighbors, family and friends.

A small business means more than just money in the community, though.

Yes, your local small business supports everyone by paying taxes that helps reduce local property taxes. And it is a fact that up to 70 cents of every dollar spent at a local small business stays in the community, whereas only 13 or 14 cents of every dollar spent at say a store like Walmart comes back locally.

They also hire local. Of course, large companies hire local too, but how far does that go? The larger companies also outsource-overseas. When you have a problem with an item you call customer service. Well, how many times has that customer service rep been an “automated person” or in another country? Not in Waynedale. Most times you talk directly to the owner.

So why should you shop the small mom-and-pop stores in Waynedale? Old, or new? Fair prices, good, friendly service, and how about quality.

You will be surprised at what is available in Waynedale. Just take a drive around town or browse through the ads in The Waynedale Newspaper.

Waynedale’s shops are unique and you can find everything you need right here.

So, this SHOP Waynedale Week, reconsider your shopping/ support of the ‘big box’ stores and give a look around Waynedale, give your local small businesses a chance.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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