Singer-songwriters Kelsi Lee (Ft. Wayne, IN) and Cote Godoy (Chile) of the world-music group, “KelsiCote” announce the release of their latest album “AYÜN.” The album, rich in content and musicality, is a fusion of roots from North and South America with a dynamic variety of music styles in both English and Spanish. The title of the album, AYÜN, means love in the language of the native Mapuche people of Chile: Love that sees the light in the other, even when there is also darkness.

“Music has been the inspiration of my life and so I’m grateful to be able to share it, as well as experience the impact it has on others. As a musician, healing artist and educator here in Ft. Wayne, I’m able to share it with people of all ages and all walks of life. I believe this album contains songs that continue to strengthen our hearts, and we hope that it does the same for others, especially in these times of uncertainty.”-Cote Godoy (Healing Artist, FWDC Parkview Hospital / Musician, Audiences Unlimited / Co-Founder Musical Conexion bilingual education in area FW schools)

The music of AYÜN takes you on a journey of dreaming souls and bare-toed adventures over the fertile Midwest soil. With title tracks such as “Indiana”, “Bloomingbird”, and “U R Ur Temple” you’ll hear the crackling embers of a summer bonfire, the migrating geese flying south for the Winter, and finally, the giggles of new human life, in honor of the baby daughter born in Ft. Wayne to the artist duo during the album’s recording, who’s middle name is also AYÜN. The album weaves the four seasons of the Midwest with Chilean instruments such as the trompe, kultrun and traditional Andean panpine (zampoña).

“For me, the songs honor and give thanks to the constancy of the cycles of the earth. The album itself is a prayer for the future of humanity in a state of awakening.” – Kelsi Lee

An important element in this project is the international collaboration among artists in three different countries. The album art was created in Chile by Rodrigo Medel and it was recorded at Fretless Studios in Indiana (USA) by Michael O’Connor with well-known local Fort Wayne musicians, Colin Boyd (percussion), Tommy Saul (piano), Casey Stansifer (bass), and Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians, Derek Reeves (viola) and Jane Heald (cello); as well as with musicians in Chile and Argentina, Pablo Espinoza (guitar) and Ricardo Marquez (saxophone). Listeners can find the full album online on any of the following popular platforms.

Facebook: facebook.com/kelsicotemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/kelsicotemusic
Bandcamp: kelsicote.bandcamp.com
Spotify: “KelsiCote Music”

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