General Manager of Hire’s Automotive Center, Brandon Hire and his daughter Becca check the oil of a car.

4th generation mechanic, Brandon Hire says that if you hear a strange noise coming from your car, it’s not going to go away on its own and you should get it checked out. And the longer you wait it will lead to more connected problems which will appear in the future. This type of helpful advice is a great example of the excellent service that you can expect from Hire’s Automotive Center on South Anthony.

Since 1972, when Brandon’s Great Grandpa, Dick Hire built the location, Hire’s has been serving the South side of Fort Wayne with one of the largest auto parts and service facilities in America. Brandon reminisced, “Dick got the greatest enjoyment from giving the customer the best value in town. And he was one of the first to display auto parts and accessories in the front of the store; and one of the first to discount them every day.” Today, Brandon, who is the General Manager, and his crew continues the family tradition of offering the best value in town and has grown the South Anthony business to record levels.

But they don’t let their successes get to their heads, they say their strategy is to emphasize building relationships with each customer that walks through the door. “Trust is the most important part of our organization. And I’m very proud of our crew for working with customers to prioritize what needs to be done now for safety and what could wait.” Brandon boasted, “Our technicians have been with us for many years and with their experience, they can properly diagnose and repair just about every vehicle and assure our customers a positive experience every time. Randy McMillan has a great following of loyal customers who only want Randy to work on their vehicles. Jon Vaughn is one of the smartest technicians in the area, his expertise is Diagnostic and Heavy Engine Repair. He does it all from soup to nuts. And Noel Ortiz is our Swiss army knife. He can write up the work order, give you an estimate, and repair your vehicle.”

Another thing you might not know about Hire’s Automotive Center is that you can bring your used motor oil to them for recycling. They accept up to two gallons of used motor oil at a time. Recycling oil properly is just one way that Hire’s is environmentally friendly which helps to save the water table.

Living and working in the community they serve seems to have a lot of impact on Brandon as he continues to provide quality service for his customers, “When your name is on the building, you have a deep passion for what you do, and a great concern for the customer. I am in the trenches ensuring our culture and legacy are not compromised. I can’t do it alone; I have the best people working with me. We are a team, a team committed to earning your trust and keeping you coming back. Our technicians have the experience so they can properly diagnose and repair your vehicle and assure our customers a positive experience every time.”

This article is sponsored by Hire’s Automotive Center who’s got you covered from your headlights to your tailpipe. From oil changes to engine changes. “From Acura’s to Yukon’s aren’t you glad there’s a Hire’s for you and your car.” You can visit them in Fort Wayne at their South Location at 7111 S. Anthony Blvd. (260) 447-4023 or North (Lima Rd.) Location at 1620 Northland Rd. (260) 489-5734. Or learn more about everything they have to offer online at hiresautomotive.com or on Facebook.

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