Turnstone will be telling stories like David’s throughout their “It’s My TURN” campaign during the month of March to celebrate Disability Awareness Month.

Hoosiers across the state will be celebrating Disability Awareness Month this March. Turnstone will be joining this 30-year movement orchestrated by the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities with its own awareness campaign. Turnstone’s campaign this year is “It’s My Turn” and will feature 11 local stories of how people with disabilities are taking their turn to live their fullest lives.

Every #ItsMyTURN story will feature one person who continues to live their life to the fullest, living in the strength of their abilities. Each person featured in this year’s campaign has their own unique experiences that have included various involvements with Turnstone’s programs and services.

“Turnstone is proud of the stories our clients have of joy and success,” said Turnstone CEO Mike Mushett. “Celebrating Disability Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the strength and possibilities children and adults with disabilities possess and the richness they add to our community.”

25.5% of Hoosiers have a disability of some kind, yet children and adults with disabilities are often ignored and undervalued. It is Turnstone’s mission to empower individuals with disabilities and help them seize possibilities that allow them to reach their goals and achieve their highest potential. As we introduce our community to just a few clients that have decided it’s their Turn to seize their possibilities, you will find their stories shared on Turnstone’s website, www.turnstone.org/itsmyturn, and Turnstone’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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