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Local Author Writing ClubBluffton author Kayleen Reusser has started a new writing club in Waynedale for authors and aspiring writers in the Fort Wayne area. The Fort Wayne Christian Writing Club will meet on August 27 as well as on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Waynedale Public Library, 2200 Lower Huntington Road, in southwest Fort Wayne. The monthly gatherings, which start at 6 p.m., are open to anyone who enjoys writing and wants encouragement and feedback, or aspiring writers who need a catalyst for starting their own writing career.

The Fort Wayne club is an offshoot of the Bluffton Christian Writing Club that Reusser and another writer, Rhonda Maller, started in 2009. Reusser said the main purpose of the writing groups is to provide camaraderie, offering a place where writers can come together and critique each other’s work “in a gentle atmosphere that offers other perspectives and ideas for improvement.”

The idea for a writing club came after Reusser received support and inspiration from one in the past. “A similar group catapulted my writing back in the 1980s,” she said. “I was a wannabe writer who managed to get away from her busy family for one evening a month to meet with writers at a church in Fort Wayne.” Since then, during her 20-plus years of paid writing experience, she has written for numerous publications and books, including five Chicken Soup books. She also has authored nine children’s books, among them biographies on contemporary female vocalists who are popular with young teenagers, and books profiling Greek gods. She currently writes a weekly newspaper column and works in the Bluffton Harrison Middle School Library, in addition to working on more books and hosting the writing clubs.

The Bluffton Christian Writing Club meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the River Terrace in Bluffton. Over the past four years, the meetings have grown to 14 regular attendees from Wells, Allen and Adams counties. “Our members include script writers, and people writing memoirs, flash fiction, personal essays, business profiles (and) newspaper articles. Several members have published books and share marketing tips,” she said, noting that “the variety makes it a fun group!”

Reusser expects that the Fort Wayne Christian Writing Club will attract a similar number of attendees with a wide variety of writing styles. The initial response has produced 11 interested writers and five attendees at the first couple of meetings. For more information on the writing club, e-mail kjreusser@adamswells.com, visit www.KayleenR.com, or plan to attend the next meeting on August 27.

Reusser is a client of the Northeast ISBDC, where she has worked with business advisors Scot Goskowicz and Mary Popovich on marketing and growth strategies. To learn more about the services of the NE-ISBDC, visit www.isbdc.org or call 260-481-0500.

Fort Wayne Christian Writing Club Meets on the 4th Tuesday Evening of Each Month at the Waynedale Public Library Meeting Room

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