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(Information gleaned from a DNR press release.)


It is not uncommon for coyotes to be seen occasionally in urban and suburban areas of Indiana at this time of year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are more of them (this includes Waynedale). This is their mating season and the normally nocturnal coyotes become more mobile and are more apt to be out in the open during daylight hours looking for love.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and are highly adaptive to their surroundings. Readily available food sources are attractive to them and small woodlots; riparian corridors and open fields represent a suitable habitat. To reduce the chances of a conflict, the DNR and the U.S. Department of Agriculture offer the following advice:


1-Do not feed coyotes.

2-Do not allow pets to run free. Provide secure nighttime housing for them.

3-Feed pets indoors whenever possible. Pick up leftovers if feeding outdoors and store pet food and livestock feed where it’s inaccessible to wildlife.

4-Eliminate water bowls and other artificial water sources whenever possible.

5-Position bird feeders in a location that is less likely to attract small animals or bring the feeders indoors at night.

6-Do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get to it. Secure garbage containers.

7-Trim and clean shrubbery at ground level to reduce hiding cover for coyotes or their prey.

8-If you start seeing coyotes around your home, discourage them by shouting, making loud noises or throwing rocks, but NEVER corner a coyote; always give the coyote a free escape route.


NOTE: Coyotes are wild animals protected by Indiana law, which requires the DNR to provide for the protection, care, management, survival and regulation of wild animal populations. Under that authority, the DNR establishes the methods, means, and time of taking, chasing and selling wild animals.

More information about coping with coyotes is available by clicking on the Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife icon at: www.dnr.IN.gov.


We suggest that everyone get a copy of Indiana’s hunting and fishing regulations from most any place that sells hunting/fishing license for more detailed rules and regulations. Please e-mail all questions reguarding Waynedale outdoors to: News@waynedalenews.com.