Have you ever tried working in the dark? A simple job can become quite a chore when you lack light. Do you remember walking in the dark? I grew up on a farm, for a number of years we did not have in-door plumbing. We had an outhouse about a hundred yards from the house. We used to say, “If you want to use the bath, take the path.” Because the outhouse was located in the woods, taking the path at night was quite difficult. More than once I fell on my face due to a lack of light. The Bible tells us that “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130. When we drink from the Word of life we receive light. God unfolds His light at the same rate as we are ready to receive light. Truth and insight come through the word. Are you walking in the Light today?


Dr. Greg Patten, Sr. Pastor of Skyline Church at 5300 Winchester Rd. has announced the addition of two Associate Pastors.


Don Corcoran has rejoined the church after a year’s absence. Pastor Corcoran is working with visitation, hospital, seniors and several other areas at Skyline. Pastor Corcoran is teaching and preaching also.

Dr. Kenn Copley will preach and focus on counseling in and out of the church. Pastor Copley is the founder and former director of the International Ct. For Biblical Counseling in Indianapolis. He founded Victory Baptist Church and School in Bloomington, MN. Dr. Copley’s last endeavor was to found a seminary in Indianapolis centered on training Christian counselors. He was the lead professor and supervised 16 other professors. Dr. Copley’s Book THE GREAT DECEIVER was published by Moody Press and has been a wonderful help for those with demonic problems. Dr. Copley is now concentrating on a new book about THE WOUNDED IN THE CHURCH.

Pastor Patten reports this will greatly increase the work and scope of Skyline. Dr. Patten founded Skyline 22 years ago. The church is non-denominational and welcomes you this Sunday.

Pray for these men in their new positions.

God is making some big changes at SKYLINE.

Also, “The World and the Christian” is back on WFCV AM 1090 in Fort Wayne Saturdays at 8:30am.

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