Wayne Township Trustee Richard A. Stevenson, Sr., and Deputy Trustee LeRoy Page recently received American flags that were flown earlier this year over Camp Al Asad in Iraq.

Wayne Township Outreach Coordinator Tameka Crook presented the flags to Trustee Stevenson and Deputy Trustee Page on behalf of Ms. Crook’s husband, Sgt. Shaun Crook, who currently is stationed in Iraq.

Trustee Stevenson said he has the utmost respect for military families like the Crooks, who are making such a great sacrifice to serve our country. He added the heroes are both the men and women serving this country and the spouses who remain behind to raise their children and take care of their households on their own.

Sgt. Crook has been in Iraq since last October. He serves with the 497th Transportation Company, an Army Reserve Unit based in Indianapolis. He hopes to return home by the end of this summer.

Sg. Crook’s service in Iraq is his second overseas deployment. He also served a one-year tour of duty in 2004 in Afghanistan. Sgt. Crook and Ms. Crook are the parents of three children, ranging in age from one to six years old, and Sgt. Crook also is the father of a sixteen-year-old son.

When not serving in the military, Sgt. Crook is employed at Wood Youth Center. As Outreach Coordinator for the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office, Ms. Crook oversees the Outreach site, where the Township has apartments for homeless families. She also manages the Wayne Township Self-Sufficiency Program, which helps assistance clients learn skills to make them self-sufficient.

Ms. Crook said she and her husband presented the flags to Trustee Stevenson and Deputy Trustee Page because they wanted to do something special for those who have helped them.

Maintaining her household while her husband is serving in Iraq is challenging, Ms. Crook said. She is thankful for the help of her family, her friends and her co-workers.

In accepting the flag, Trustee Stevenson thanked the Crooks for their service to our country and thanked all military personnel serving overseas and their families.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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