It’s not too late for young soccer stars to sign up for this year’s Upward Soccer season. The season, which traditionally starts in early spring, is scheduled to begin in late summer. The decision was made to move the season in hopes that the move would provide better scheduling and weather conditions. The program, different from other soccer programs because it incorporates Bible lessons and character building, is scheduled to last for ten weeks.

Typically, around 300 boys and girls participate each year in the Upward season held at Avalon Missionary Church. Kathy Stewart, spokesperson for the event said, “We are looking for as many kids as we can get.” Costs for the year are sixty dollars which includes two jerseys, socks, Upward Soccer Winner Magazine and awards.

The unique program includes separate teams for boys and girls as well as equal playing time for every player. The program strives to teach teamwork, diversity appreciation, character and self esteem.

Those who would like to enroll are encouraged to contact Kathy Stewart at 747-1531 ext. 5. Forms will also be handed out at the Waynedale Memorial Day Parade.

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