Salomon Farm hosts a celebration of textile art May 11 and 12


Think knitters and crocheters are people of the past? Think again! An old world is made new with the Fiber Art and Fun Celebration. On May 11th and 12th, 10am – 5pm, join the Parks and Recreation Department and the Flax and Fleecers Spinning Guild for a FREE two-day celebration of fiber arts at Salomon Farm, 817 Dupont Road, Fort Wayne. Fiber enthusiasts and newcomers of all ages will enjoy this educational experience.

Artisans representing several fiber art guilds will provide displays, demonstrations and opportunities for interactive experiences. All together, knitters, crocheters, tatterers, quilters, rug hookers, spinners and weavers will transform plant and animal fibers into pieces of art. A market area will offer yarns, fabrics, and other fiber equipment and supplies.

Whether observing local artists at work, trying your hand at a new fiber art, listening to story tellers, enjoying a hayride or visiting the fiber market, this year’s Fiber Arts Celebration will be enjoyable and educational for the entire family.

Salomon Farm’s Fiber Arts Celebration is Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, 10am – 5pm. For more information, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 427-6000 or visit www.fortwayneparks.org.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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