My last day as Wayne Township Trustee will be December 31, 2006, so this will be my last Voice of the Township column.

I want to begin by thanking the citizens of Waynedale, and The Waynedale News for being of the most informed and caring of citizens in Wayne Township. Township government is quite often overlooked by those that aren’t in need of its services. This has never been the case in Waynedale. Over the last eight years, we have shared many of the successes our local government office has brought to the people of this marvelous community.

In the wisdom of its closest to the people design, the importance of Township Government is that by developing the relationship that we have had, the citizens of the community benefit directly. I have received great feedback and engaged in great dialogue with the people of Waynedale. This has helped us to develop a township office that is second to none in responsiveness and service to its citizens. Thanks to your interest, I feel that the Waynedale community enabled itself to be the best served area of the Township, by looking out for its neighbors in need.

Most often the person in charge is given the glory and credit for outstanding accomplishments. Rarely, if ever, is this the case. Not so long ago a Wayne Township staff member told me, “Matt, you never forget to give us credit when you are representing the Township.” Just as it takes the entire staff of the Wayne Township Office, it also takes a community of citizens willing to take the time and energy to engage themselves to get the job done.

Thank you Waynedale, for the outstanding job you’ve done to help us make this a better community.

Before the election on November 7th, I prayed for a blessing upon my opponent Rick Stevenson. I prayed that if he were victorious in the Wayne Township Trustee’s race, the Lord would help him serve the citizens of Wayne Township to the best of his ability. So congratulations Trustee Stevenson! May you continue the great compassion and dedicated service that the citizens of Wayne Township have come to know so well.

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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