The answer to that question is six. At the time of their existence they were considered as having Major League status. Those teams were the: (1) Chicago Cubs, (2) Chicago Browns, (3) Chicago Pirates, (4) Chicago Nameless Team, (5) Chicago White Sox, and (6) Chicago Whales.

The Chicago Whales lasted two years 1914-1915 in the Federal League. The Whales played at Weegham Park, which became Wrigley Field. The Federal League was a minor league in 1913 and challenged the American and National League for players and patronage. Charles Weegham of Chicago made a fortune with a chain of lunch counters and invested in Chicago Whales and the Federal League.

Most baseball fans know a lot about the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox (2005 Champions).

The Chicago Browns lasted one year, 1884, in the Union Association and played their games at The South Side Park.

The Chicago Pirates lasted one year, 1890, in the Players League and played their games at The South Side Park which the White Sox used 1901-1910.

The South Side Park became Comiskey Park and later U.S. Cellular Field in 1991.

The Chicago Team formed in 1891, was to play in the American Association but was nameless and played no games.

I might add that some of these teams had losing records.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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