On the pilgrimage from Bishop Luers High School to St. Therese parish.
On the pilgrimage from Bishop Luers High School to St. Therese parish.
Students from Bishop Luers High School, St. Therese Elementary, faculty, parents and friends joined together for a service “entrusting” the Jubilee Pilgrim Cross of the Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend.

During the service on Friday, February 3, 2006, Father Joe Rulli spoke of “keeping God as your companion…not only on the journey of carrying the cross from Luers to St. Therese parish, but throughout your life.” He spoke of accepting this cross—His cross. “Accept it with trust,” he said. “Christ did it first and we should follow.” “The way will not always be easy…may His steadfast love endure forever in our hearts.”

As the congregation sang, “We are the Light of the World,” the Jubilee Cross was taken from its stand in the gym. Cascading out of the gym, and down the hall, “Lifting High The Cross” Luers’ students who are members of St. Therese parish, and St. Therese grade school students, together with Father Joe Rulli, began the pilgrimage from their high school on Paulding Road to St. Therese parish. The cross and crowd of supporters were safely escorted by police as they traveled west on Paulding Road to Airport Expressway and then west on Lower Huntington Road arriving at St. Therese parish.

On Friday, February 10, the Jubilee Cross traveled to the next parish, St. Henry’s.

You can follow the progress of the cross in Today’s Catholic. They will be reporting on the Jubilee Pilgrimage across the diocese.

As the cross travels to each parish, it will tell its own story. A diary is accompany the cross and tells of each parish’s experience. Its final stop will be at St. Matthew Cathedral in South Bend on August 17, 2007 for the sesquicentennial jubilee.

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