I recently had the opportunity to attend a 3-hour meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) where an important matter was discussed. An application was filed to operate a holistic healing center out of a private home in an R1 zoned area on Ardmore across from Elmhurst High School. Many residents of the Elmhurst neighborhood and the Waynedale area in general were present for the hearing. Strong arguments were made that the location in question was poorly chosen due to the fact that traffic flow would be affected near the high school in an area already suffering from a challenging mix of dump trucks, school buses, and teenagers driving to and from school. There was also much concern that adding a business in an R1 zoned area would result in unwanted changes and falling property values in a solid residential area for which many residents have been fighting hard for years. I’m happy to report that the BZA voted down the proposal. My hope is that the applicant will consider starting her business in a shopping center or office complex rather in a residential neighborhood.

You may be aware that the City of Fort Wayne recently was forwarded unbudgeted funds from the State of Indiana. A debate ensued as to whether to place the funds in a “rainy day” fund or to use those dollars to reduce property taxes. I believe that City Council made the right choice in using the “windfall” revenue for property tax relief. Many fees and taxes as well as the cost of gasoline, natural gas, and groceries are increasing steadily. Any means of holding down these costs deserves strong consideration!

As you are probably aware the early snows in late fall covered leaves and they couldn’t all be picked up on the regular schedule. The last few weeks have been warmer and the Street Department staff has been working hard picking up leaves all over the city. If your leaves aren’t collected in January or February, call 427-1235 for help. If that doesn’t do the trick, let me know and I’ll make sure the job gets done!

I noticed that the famous photographers and Elmhurst grads, David and Peter Turnley, were in the Fort Wayne area recently. The Turnley brothers are a credit to Elmhurst and its excellent art programs!

Call me with any questions or suggestions. Sometimes I miss a call so call back if you leave a message and don’t hear from me soon.

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